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Ardabil , Land of Mineral Springs.

Ardabil was probably founded in the 5th century AD. It became (10th century) the capital of Azarbaijan, but was soon superseded by Tabriz. In 1220 AD Ardabil was destroyed by the Mongols. Ardabil is best known as the birthplace of the eminent religious leader Sheik Safi od-Din (1251-1334) from whom the Safavid dynasty was descended. Sheikh Safi was the founder of a Sufi order and monastery in Ardabil, the prime mover of Iranian culture during the 15-16th century and the center of the theocratic community of Dervish Brotherhood. Dervishes, after coming together under the same organizational structure, managed to attract and retain the attention of large masses in Ardabil and in the country.
Ismail, a descendant of Sheikh Safi and who was later crowned as the Shah of Persia in Tabriz (1501), was himself a member of this order.

Must Visit Places In Ardabil

Ardabil province, has a pleasant climate and many ancient and historical relics and tens of mineral hot springs,makes Ardabil among top 10 tourism destinations in the country.

The nomadic (tribe) community is memories from the brilliant history of this ancient land with a history of about 12,000 years old,Shahar Yeri ,the ancient site is located 65 Km from Ardabil and 31 Kilometers in east of Meshkin-shahr next to Qarasu river.

The monument of Sheikh Safidin Ardabili is one of the historical and valuable places of Ardabil. This significant and historic place was registered in the UNESCO world heritage list in 2010.

Shirvan valley is one of the beautiful areas of Sabalan District in Ardabil Province,This natural park is under process of following up the process of being registered in UNESCO as the second Geopark in the Middle East.


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