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Hamedan The Land of Inscriptions

Hamedan province, with an area of 19,368 square kilometers, is the 22nd province of Iran in terms of area; it is neighboring Zanjan, Qazvin, Lorestan, Markazi, Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces. 

The land of Hamedan has long been the place where ancient civilizations were located. It used to be on the way of the caravans between East and Mesopotamia, the existence of the remains of prehistoric artifacts in different parts of it are the proofs which reveal its existence.

Must Visit Places In Hamedan

The province of Hamedan is one of the most prominent provinces of the country because of its rich natural prospects and historical monuments. Baba Tahir, Aref Qazvini and Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna) Tombs, Inscription and Waterfall of Ganjnameh, Ali Sadr Cave (Iran’s only water cave), Lalejin pottery workshops, Alavian dome and the tomb of Esther and Mordechai are only some of the attractions of Hamedan province.

The souvenirs of the province include honey, almond Gaz, Tuyserkan walnut, grape syrup and Basloq of Malayer, walnut halva, pickled cucumber, Noghl and dried mulberry. Some of the local cuisine of the province include different kinds of aush, Ghormeh and Cabbage Abgoosht, Beans and greengage stew.


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