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Isfahan, The Pearl Of Tourists

Isfahan is a city famous for its stunning historical monuments, which in turn these attractions boast a global reputation for the city. The city is filled with tourists who admire the unique architecture and beauty of this city. Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran and one of the center of producing: carpets,textiles,steel manufacturers and specific handicrafts. 

Handicrafts of Isfahan

The handicrafts of Isfahan have been introduced over the centuries as the representative of the Iranian folk art in the world.

Therefore, if we call Isfahan as a prototype of Iranian ancient handicrafts ,is not exaggerated. Because the intellectual and psychological characteristics of Isfahan craftsman, such as taste, art, perseverance, and contentment, have led to the purchase of Isfahan handmade products in the whole world by many buyers. This province has been a cradle of fine arts and Subtle industries since ancient times.

some sort of Isfahan souvenirs are: Minakari,Iranian carpet,Inlaid arts,Miniature,ceramic and pottery.


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