Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island is an exciting destination for adventure in Iran. If you are interested in ecotourism, Hormoz is your choice. Both Hormoz and Qeshm islands are located near Bandar-Abbas port. In Hormoz, the first thing that catches your eyes is the ruins of an ancient castle called “Portuguese Castle” which was made of the island’s red soil. An old cistern lies within the ruins of the castle. However, Hormoz is not famous for having this castle. Hormoz Island is one of the most colorful islands around the world. The color of soil in this mysterious island varies from place to place and shines under the warm sun rays of Persian Gulf. In Hormoz, you can see crimson mountains alongside salty mountains and golden watercourses that end to the sea.
Attractions of Hormuz Island:
Rainbow Valley
Portuguese Castle
Salt cave
Deer’s Moor
Turtle beach ( In the March can see turtles laying eggs )
Snowy mountain!
Valley of the Statues
Red Beach