Tabriz, The Crown of Culture



The predominant language spoken in Tabriz is Azeri Turkish (Azeri people call it Türkü or Türki language) which is a Turkic language mutually intelligible with modern Turkish. The language has a strong Iranian substrata since it has for many centuries been in close contact with Persian. Like other part of Iran the official language is Persian and most inhabitants are familiar with Persian language, which is the official language of Iran and the sole language of education.

It is believed that before the gradual increase and dominance of Azeri language in the area, other Iranian languages similar to Farsi were spoken in Azerbaijan and Tabriz.

Due to its distinct handcrafts and carpets Tabriz is selected as the world city of crafts and carpet. Tabriz is the main center for the production of the famous Iranian Rugs. The distinctive durability of Tabriz’s carpets and its unique designs made it a famous brand in the world’s carpet markets. Tabrizi rugs and carpets usually have ivory backgrounds with blue, rose, and indigo motifs. They often feature symmetrical and balanced designs. They usually have a single medallion that is surrounded with vines and palmettos. One of the main quality characteristics of Tabriz rugs is the weaving style, using special ties that guarantee the durability of the rug in comparison for example with Kashan rugs.

Other than carpets, the city is famous for several other handicrafts including silverwares, wood engraving, pottery and ceramics, Ghalamzani (Irania style of toreutics), Moarraq (Iranian style of Mosaic), Monabbat, embroider.

Tabriz is the city of first. There are some of them below

* Iran’s first public library                              *The first public cinema in Iran

*The first school of primary education           *The first air taxi flight was conducted from Tabriz to Aras Free Zone

* The first city was founded phone